Guam Realtors

As a Guam Realtor it is my duty to fulfill your desires. This market can be a tricky one unless you’re a seasoned Guam Realtors. Most listings in Guam average about 24-45 days on the market so having the right Guam Realtor is crucial in finding what you’re looking for. Thousands have flocked to Guam in recent years.

Guam Condos

If you are looking for a great environment to raise your family in, look no further, Guam offers many attractions, activities, games, and more for all ages. We as your Guam Condos real estate representative, I am here to help you find the home and area which you prefer to live in.

Guam Military Relocation

Guam is a wonderful city and has many accommodations that you and your family may enjoy, with the great outdoor activities available in your area; we have something that you will enjoy. And with shopping, schools and dining close to the districts Guam Military Relocation will be easy to get settled into.


Guam Military OHA

To find the Overseas Housing Allowance rate for Guam, select this link, enter GQ001 for Guam, then the date closest to your arrival, and your military rate.

There are many rental listings that are approved for Military off base housing needs.


If you want to purchase, you will recive this same monthly rate OR the purchase price, divided by 120, which ever figure is lower.  The island of Guam is gearing up for a 5 to 10 year growth plan.  It is a great time to purchase on Guam and have the military housing allowance pay your mortgage and build equity that you get to keep when you sell the property.


I have assisted many Military personnel and their families find nice places to rent or purchase for their benefit while living on Guam.  I would love to help you too.