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Unfortunately they have closed this company and it's services.

Please contact your command or housing office to get information on Hotels on Guam


If you need off-base housing assistance, I am here to help you.  I work with the Military Members to find both rentals or purchases that meet their needs.  I know the rules and requirements of the Military Housing Office and use all the required forms which help you in getting your paperwork approved.  I assist you with the move in process and hope to put your mind at ease with your relocation to Guam.

Off Base Properties are secured through a lease agreement between you and the landlord.  The leases are for a one year time frame, usually with renewal clauses for the additional year(s) you will be stationed on Guam.  The requirement for move-in are a security deposit which is equal to the monthly lease amount, plus the first month's rent.  Usually the power, water, telephone and cable TV are put in your name with copies of the power and water receipts showing you have completed the switch over prior to receiving the keys to your rental.  Some Owners might be flexible on allowing you to move in with just the security deposit, and utilities done, as they understand that there is a few day delay in the OHA arrival into your account.  From the second month on, most Owners or Property Managers want to receive the monthly rent through either direct deposit/electronic transfer.

There are always lots of questions when you are trying to move to Guam.  I'm familiar with the process and will assist you as much as I can.  I can also call you to discuss your needs and start working with you before your arrival.

I look forward to assisting you with either rentals or purchase of property.  Until then, take care of yourself and your family.


Deanna Palmer

RE/MAX Diamond Realty








Tour of Duty, Guam

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