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Teardrop Camper

January 15th, 2008 10:58 AM by Deanna Palmer

This is our Teardrop Camper we bought last fall.  This picture is at a state camp area in middle Michigan.  For the week that we were camping, it was perfect weather.  Cool at night and sunny during the day.  The true surprise is that it was in the last week of October!  All the leaves were changing, there weren't many people camping as it was so late in the season that most people had already winterized their campers and cabins.

The Teardrop was made by a guy just outside of Detroit.  He says he will be making more so if you need the info, just send me a message and I'll forward his email to you. 

This is basically a rolling bed.  Inside you feel like you are sleeping in a tree house.  This one is made with oak plywood.  The clam shell opens and that is the kitchen area.  The 2 burner stove and oven are very cool.  The real ice box holds 2 bags of ice and the door below holds your cold items in the cold and dry.  There is enough room for up to 5 days of food for 2.  There is no shower, or toilet, but we plan on staying in state parks that have those.  It was great to go camping again, which we have not done much of while living on Guam. 

The Teardrop style camper was originally designed back in 1938 to 1940 timeframe.  It weighs only 800 pounds, so almost any car can pull it.  I predict these campers are going to be the rage in a year or two because of the high gas prices, people simplifying their lives and their vacations, and if the economy isn't able to recover, money will be even tighter.  But people will still want to have a vacation and enjoy nature.

Next summer we look forward to driving the camper back across the states and store it in Arizona.  We will for sure go camping, even if we have to delay the trip for another time.  We both have our own businesses, so it is a challenge to get away for a 4 week timeframe.  But we will get it done.

I just wanted to share my Teardrop with you.  I hope you have something you enjoy doing with people you want to hang with. 



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Posted by Deanna Palmer on January 15th, 2008 10:58 AM


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