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February 4th, 2008 6:01 AM by Deanna Palmer

I have partnered with Tour Of Duty Guam to assist their Military Member Relocation Families.  One of the most stressful situations a person or family goes through is moving.  And moving to the other side of the planet from the US Mainland tops that!  I was a military dependant wife when I came to Guam.  We did not have a sponsor, no internet and even fax machines were not invented yet!  So, yes, I understand what this move is about from a personal stand point.

That was March 1979 and since then many things have changed and improved.  Technology has made living on Guam much easier!  I even forget how far away Guam is, that is until I get on the airplanes and do that 21 hour trip to see family. :)  Guam has gotten busy during the time we have lived here, but in many way it is still Guam.  Did you know Home Depot recently opened!  It is a great time to live on Guam for sure. :)

I can assist you with your off base housing needs.  It is important to me that you are happy with the property you decide to live in.  The home you choose will effect you daily and can make or ruin your memories of your time on Guam.  Whether you rent or purchase, I know how to help you.  I use the Multiple listings Service and also Private Owners to provide you a complete list of housing options.  I don't just show you my listings because I want you to know that you have seen what fits your criteria.

Contact me when you either put in for Guam, or when you receive your PCS Guam orders.  Also, check for yourself ALL the mls listings on my Guam Properties button.  You can search for lease/rent or for sale. 

And if you want to contact Tour of Duty Guam, complete the information part of the page and I'll forward it to them for you.  Let us help you through the moving process.

Thanks for reading this page.  Have a great day.

Tropical Regards

Deanna Palmer


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Posted by Deanna Palmer on February 4th, 2008 6:01 AM


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